BLOG 5 Your Vision of Leadership

In a rival commerce surrounding, successful leadership is an important condition to achieve organizational goal. To do this, the head should be able to offer exhortation and ambition, and clear route to the followers (smallbiz, 2012). Fortunately, I was able to have a leadership course from Mr. John Bredican, who is charming and humorous, we could learn a lot from him not only how to be a good leader but also how to be a good man. He always inspires us how to think, hot to inspire people around us and how to use a more effective communication. For me, has been a president in high school student council, and CEO in my own business, president of the alumni association, with two years working experience as a host and journalist in television in China which offered a lot of experience to face all kinds of leaders no matter in politics and commerce, I was able to combine my experience and theories so that I can have my own leadership.

After 10 weeks course, my colleagues told me that my characters is very open minded, care about people around me, like making new friends, like teamwork, have my own communication skill and willing to trust people which can make people feel like democratic. My disadvantage is too easy to say “Yes”, difficult to say “No” which means I do not know how to reject people no matter their request is reasonable or not, I thinks this is very dangerous, because someone who familiar with me, and want to do something bad for my organization, I too easy to say “yes” just because he or she is my good friend or relatives, I will not only harm my own profits but also harm my parent and my followers. I think I need to correct this habit and find better way to reject people when ask me some request but I am not able to make a promise or this request is not rational. In my vision of leadership, when I build up my own company or organization in automobile industry, I think only democratic leadership is not enough, especially when the company just runs, it needs a powerful leader to control it, because time is money, and small company’s advantage is easy to change the direction to fit the market, if anything you put to the meeting and discuss for a long time, you cannot catch the opportunity. What is more, because when the company just starts most of the subordinates are new to me, I need a time to familiar with them and to test who is loyal who has a desire to advance, if I do not know about that and give the power to them to decide the company issues is too dangerous, on one will be more care my own company than myself. So sometimes democratic and autocratic leadership need to change or mix to control the organization.

I have read more books about leadership, what inspires me most is Mao Zedong, the first generation leader in People’s Republic of China. In 1935, when Mao just selected to be a chairman of the CPC, he led the Red Army to on the 6,000 mile Long March and arrived in Northern Yanan at the end. Under Mao’s leadership, CPC joint with Chiang Kai-shek to battle with Japanese army and China won the war. Since 1949, Mao led China to explore a new way which fit our Chinese people and fits our environment. Make China, a 5000 years old county to stand in the world again, and got well preparation to pass the power to the next leader, to make China richer and richer. (Saba, 1986) Mao’s leadership is unique, he allowed another party to monitor the government and participate the government working but he insisted that CPC should led them. The people in China had right to vote to choose which representative to represent them, and the representative will choose the leader of the country, but the CPC will put up the candidates. I think this is very good leadership, which could not only let the citizens, had right to choose but also to ensure the leader is good and not control by any organization or force. (The national people congress of the people republic of China, 1949)

Finally, I want to develop my leadership skills through my MBA

  • Reading more books to enhance my knowledge, especially in engineering and mathematics, because an automobile company leader should familiar with the engineering theories.
  • Trying to have more speeches in public, so that can make more confident and can express my idea in system.
  • Make more communication with elder people so that I can learn more from that and make a stronger society relationship.

With this 10-week course, and fulfill the plan, with our tutor ‘s teaching, I must be a powerful leader and lead my organization to lead the automobile industry in the future, and will offer more opportunities to Coventry University’s students to get a better start with my help!


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BLOG 4 Leadership and Change

Changing is the only thing that did not change. The world is changing every day, so we have today advanced society. The human changing every day, so we develop from the monkey. The science changing every day, so lot of diseases can be beaten today. The same as organisation, if we want an organisation or company to be better and better, we need to change our methods, working way, etc. Change is not easy; it needs leader’s courage, leader’s wisdom, what’s more, changing needs employees’ support.

Mullins said, “It is all down to the personality of the individual and there is little management can do about resistance to change” (Mullins 2010: 753). In my opinion, developing in a changing world need the people and the company change with the society and the world, People have lazy habit, we hate changing, we like comfortable, we like stable, because we do not know what happen If we change, will change harm us or change can bring us benefits? It’s like gambling, so just in case, do not change seems better, however, if you live in a changing world but you do not change, the world will change you, you will find more and more difficult to adjust to the society, if the company leader do not change the organisation to a better place, the competitors will beat you in the future. Although, Change in a company is very difficult, because when you change a policy or management in the company maybe you will harm a group of people who can earn from this point. Mullins thought that resistance to change could hardly be changed. It seems right when first time to listen to it, but think it deeply; it does not make any sense, because you can have a lot of living example to prove that it is wrong.

Huge amount of leaders to defeat the resistances, and led their organizations to a better position. For example, Gerstner former CEO of IBM, who survived IBM from losing 8.1 billion dollars in 1992 (Denning, 2011) .When Gerstner entered to IBM, the company got lots of problems, this huge blue giant seems to be broken any time, Gerstner started to change management in the company, Gerstner firstly changed the IBM culture and did not bid the staff drink alcoholic any more, and the AAS did not need to have a irrelevant meeting. IBM changed from a hardware supplier to a software and solution expert. (DiCarlo, 2002) Gerstner used very famous change management and it also what I suggested to mangers, which called McKinney 7-S model, which created by Robert Waterman, Tom Peters, Richard Pascale, and Anthony Athos in 1978 contained, Shared valued, strategy, structure, system, style, staff, skill. This management provided an efficient way to analyze a company, offering a direction in change. However, using this model has some disadvantages, likes, expand the necessity for change, the model is not simple, unlikeness are unheeded, if started to change it must change whole part. (Normandin, 2012)

From the above comparison and contrast, anyone can safely conclude that as long as the change is good and the management is reasonable and acceptable.


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BLOG 3 Most Effective Leadership & Management Styles and Approaches

Management is the operation of making sure that an organization or company to run well now and in the future. (SAUDRES BUSSINESS SCHOOL, 2015). However, Management is not the same thing with Leadership. People who follow some of your ideas and value, aim not simply because of your name but just because who you are. And your value and vision the society resources and your meaning to them. (Dixon, 2015) . The difference between them is management is just sending the work target, leadership is not only give the staff target but also inspire them. Manger only produces missions and affect the job, leader not only produce and solve the problem with you but also influence your life. The most different thing between them is the way they influence and motivate the staff that work and life behind them. (Torres, 2013) Leadership will inspire followers, what I trust and think the most effective one is democratic leadership, which used very widely and quite often, the media, advertising, education industry widely uses this leadership, the staff can get sufficient opportunities to express the idea and concern, so when the leader makes a decision and comprehensive considerations, the subordinates will know the reason of why the leader will make this decision. However, the disadvantage is discussion cannot be taken over the decision and endless meeting is wasting time. I totally agreed with CMI2013, in philosophy, concrete analysis of concrete conditions is the living soul of Marxism. For example, democratic leadership, is highly praised in various industry, However, in some industry and some circumstances this leadership cannot be used, when the subordinates qualities are not very high, or the problems are sensitive or the issues itself need very professional solution, but the subordinates are not specialism in it or the subordinates are not related to this problem but related to the leader, in this situation, democratic leadership is not useful, dogmatic leadership may help at that time.

Democratic leadership and Laissez faire leadership, which allow subordinates discuss and decide by them, these two leaderships are my fancy leaderships to be led. I can have my freedom to decide what issues has priority and what I should do, If I do not know that to do I can ask my leader to seek for the help and advisement, I can do the job very positive and set my timetable by myself, I can do what I am interested of, I can grow up very fast in my business area, because I do not need to fear and give up a lot of opportunities.

Taken Warren Buffet as an example, Buffet has a strong belief that he trust his people can management themselves very well, he only appears when he needs to correct the situation and sometimes he will make the problem so that the staff can learn from it. (Anon., 2014)

From the above debates, I can finally draw a conclusion that there is not the best leadership in the world for ever, being an excellent leader, needs like being “water” which can handle any situation, soft like a water when it needed, hard like an ice when need being powerful. No matter Democratic, transformation, six emotional and specific leadership, one of them cannot be used for whole career life, they like a tool, we need to use one of them what we need and change it when the surrounding changes.


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BLOG 2 The Challenge of Managing of Diverse Team

In 21st century, with the technology, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, which called “global village”. More and more international companies bring with huge capital to explore a brand new country market, on the other hand, more and more people from different countries in terms of different reason, uniting a diverse team. So, let’s talk about this.

What is the most important resource in 21st century? Capability? Strategy?They are all about talent. It will be a challenge that leading a diverse team, which formed of different background, different gender, age, culture, experience and region and this should be put on a high premium. (MT mangement today, 2013) With high tolerance, respecting different culture all over the world is becoming the most vital key to maintain and improve a diverse team. Taken Shanghai Automobile International Cooperation (SAIC) is an example. In 2011, SAIC produced 4000,000 cars, becoming largest output of China-based monoculture. (SAIC MOTOR, 2015). It’s obvious that, ability of leading an international in some extent can influence the development of SAIC. Especially, the British experienced designers and engineers gets wider vision and have more creative idea in car. However, being a parent company for UK company is not easy especially for oriental car company, in some extent, the parent company except money they got nothing else, made a corporation with diverse team in UK, is a huge challenge for SAIC, MG has been bought by SAIC, how can make MG revive? How to create a band new car model and not only produce what the MG old car models? Becoming a question in front of the SAIC leader management in 2007. (SAIC MG, 2015) It is the first time for Chinese Car Company owned a foreigner car company, how to had a good strategic to work well with them and create a modern car series? SAIC decided to empower Tony Williams as a chief of director of design and lead a team with Chinese and British. During designed MG6 the Chinese designers would like new model car have more oriental elements to fit the Chinese customers, however, the British team would like to heritage more MG element from over 85 years, what’s more, the language is a fact problem between them, and this caused a lot of not serious but unhappy experiences between them at first, Tony Williams have a good way to solve this problem, they would have voting system for some issues and they will use professional translator to translate, that would solve the problem which cause from different language. With this solving way, in 2009 the “new stander vehicle” MG6 came out, which had a modern engine which can save petrol but powerful output in 1.8 Liters, and it’s a clearly break, and refresh the 85 years history car company to a new start. (Bremner, 2009). Tony Williams accepted Chinese team advisement which used Chinese element in hub which from Chinese fairy, and car shaping more soft to fit Chinese beauty, and accepted British team advisement to heritage the car face and more MG traditional part.

In my opinion, William can be even better. Firstly, from building diverse design team, William should invite more professional interpreter to help, after working, Chinese and British like drinking, why don’t hold more activities to let team members know each other better? Once team members familiar with each other, the atmosphere will be much better. Secondly, send the team member to learn more about British and Chinese culture and let them know what the beauty stander for this two countries (in terms of target market are UK and China). Thirdly, making a comprehensive space for them to learn British and Chinese culture and let them get used to each other’s culture.

From the above, we can finally draw a conclusion that, being a diverse team leader is a challenge, which needs tolerance and enough respecting and full knowledge about multicultural background and know how to balance force. More communication, more inspiration from members, more respect, even avoiding racism will run diverse team to advantage in future global village competition. For the industry leader, we should absorb more team member all over the world and this will lead us to have a great world-vision to run our business in 21st century. For diverse team member, they should learn more multicultural and more willing to learn from different countries’ citizens’ advantage, it will good for the individual competitive power.


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BLOG 1 Leadership and Ethics

From the Leadership I have learnt a lot from what I can do to be a good leader. There is a two-normative ethics in ethics area. One called Deontological ethics, the other one called teleological ethics.

Deontological one emphasizes that no matter the acting is right or wrong, especially the reason why the people do that, the acting decides what is right or what is wrong.

Teleological one emphasizes the result, even no matter what the way it used, in other words, it justified by the end result. For example, the good act can perform a good result and bad result, does it fit ethics must be seen from the result, if good is good, otherwise, is bad ethics.

Ethical leadership in company can be defined as to keep a good relationship with the partner companies and make them pay back by themselves. (Berghofer & Schwartz, n.d.)When the leader is positive and honest is the fundamental part of the ethical leadership. He or she will not cheating you, and will say “good job” to you to say highly of you when you do something good, and will not find the excuse to do not reduce your commission and even not pay your salary on time. He or she will pay the fee to the contractors and suppliers on time. It seems very simple, however, if can keep this behavior for their whole lives, it must be a good leader and partner. Secondly, ethical leader must have a caring heart for their staff, if the staff is ill, will text them or email. IF the staff or the contractors make some mistake, the leader will show understanding for the “trouble makers”. What’s more, responsibility is extremely vital as well, a leader to be a leader is not only to ask the team to fulfill the order but also to take the responsibility when the project even the organization goes wrong, this will be the basic principle to tell the leader is an ethical leader or not.  Thirdly, the ethical leader should have a gentle characters, otherwise, you can image a boss shout at you and tell you off whenever you do just he would like to do this and every one including you will like him and think this is a good boss.  Fourthly, fascinating, a good ethical leader should support their members and guiding them when is necessary.  Above these parts, ethical leadership will inspire the team who follow them, and this atmosphere will improve them no only on the job but also their life.

There are huge amount of examples that shows ethical leaderships in the organization and the companies occupy vital roles. Niu Gensheng, the former president of MengNiu Milk company, China, he insist keep the best milk retain in mainland China, and use TMR feeding system, totally enclosed environment to get milk from cows with machines, choosing the best quality man cow to stud, Niu not only strict of the products but also build a complete and mature welfare system to the staff, they can get comfortable and huge dormitories where near the company, the staff went to hospital when they were ill, the expense could be recoverable. They will get message from Niu when Niu has New direction for the company, even when the staff’s birthday, the would get a birthday card which were from companies and got Niu’s Signature, above form these, made the MengNiu’s working climate very warm and positive, the staff there worked every hard and treat the company as home, and because of this and Niu’s rigid control of product,Mengniu Milk company was one of the best milk companies in China. On the other hand, SanLu Milk Incident, was shocked the China couples years ago, Tian Wenhua, the former president of SanLu Group, wanted to earn more money and improve the “protein” of the milk when the milk being test, told the staff to add the melamine to the milk powder which for the babies, it led 300,000 babies got excretory system problems, and made 6 babies died. Tian Wenhua was adjudged to prison for her whole life in 2009 and her vice president was adjudged to prison to 15 years at the same time, SanLu bankrupt from the top of the milk brand in China. (BBC NEWS, 2009)

From the above two true stories in China, it’s obvious that, an ethical leadership is able to effect the leaders themselves and the organization. Being a good ethical leader the first step is being a good member of the society, honest, modest, considerable, reasonable, and responsible. To get these characters, the leaders must be a model in the company, and these will help in the business not one time but whole life.


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7TH week

I love this week, though is freezing and raining all the time, Our APS group had a excellent presentation. For a good impression, I bought a lot of Wasabi Sushi With Anyi Jin and gave to the teachers to try it and gave to the students because when we had speech it was noon, so it a time for lunch. I was responsible for the S.W.O.T analysis I did my best and I use a lot of body language to help me be more confident and explain more details. I t helped a lot, when we finish a lot of people gave me a hug and praised me ,what I can say is, this is the most unforgettable moment since I came here. What is more ,I think our outstanding A.D helps us a lot as well. It is awesome! After the presentation, Our group had a lunch together and drank a lot, we have spent a lot of time to prepare it, we enjoy our work enjoy the time when we together, we are the best of the best! After Drinking a lot, we started to sing a lot of motherland song, My favorite song is my national song, I am proud of it! China becomes more and more powerful, we are richer and richer ,because we work hard, just like our group we deserve to get a good mark as we work very hard! MY favorite class is APS the teacher is nice, I will treasure it very much!

11st week

The 1st term has already finish, I will miss every one .Thanks a lot who has ever help me in 1st, its my honor to make friends with you guys. I have finished all my course works its not a easy thing, however I have finished with doing my best, I will come back to China in these day, how happy I am. During this term learning I have master a lot, now I can think in different way and can co-operate with different people, and use English in proper way. That is all thanks of my reading and my practice, I study the textbook finish my homework on time and reviews them very often that helps me improve very fast. In next term I will develop my other skill ,for example, I should develop my leader skill because it can help me to be a better boss in the future. Communications is a vital skill as well, how to talk to people in a comfort way, how to let them follow my thinking way hot to persuade them in a effective way that’s is very important. On the other sides, I should practice my second foreign language , Japanese, more and more .Japan is a potential country especially in these years, so I would like to speak Japanese 15 minutes every day. Reading Japanese book as well. And hope every thing in 2015 will be much better, every one have healthy body ,richer and richer! Love you all! See you in 2015!

10th week

This is the last week for our 1st term, I feel exciting and sad ,exciting one because I can come back to china very quickly, the sad thing is I have not finished my course work ,I struggle for it, however ,what I can do is just work harder and harder and finish it as soon as possible, I go to library to do my coursework every day, and the weather likes fridge, the temperature the coldest can reach below zero degreed, how I wish I can see the snow this year because no snow last year. I remember when I study in university in China, It snows very often in winter, we could make a snowman we could play snow but London seems too busy very one is cool just like weather, fortunately the tutor and classmates are very nice, if we can play snow together in UK, how happy it would be, finger cross, hope we can do that this year. I learnt how to develop a good strategy and and What is Corporate Governance in strategy class on Thursday, In Jon’s class ,he taught us how to have a deeper understating and how to finish a marketing plan. On Friday ,APS class the tutor taught us how to finish the APS course work .Honestly it help me a lot about it ,a lot of problem which confused me were solved by him, really appreciate! I will finish my work as soon as possible with the best performance!

9th week

Busy week busy week. I have taken a very short time to sleep every day, because the term end is coming soon, I got a lot of works to do, so crazy, however, every time when I thought when I finish it on time I could come back to China I would always feel full of energy. So I did the course work anytime and did it until late night, I feel so tired, hope it will finish as soon as possible, but I like this busy feeling ,never bring never feel empty. This Friday APS is very interesting, the tutor let us what the BBC one show is so cool ,it talked about how two teams battle in US to produce a new drink. What is more ,I was taught how to make a reasonable and wonderful plan. And mater how to learn better, how to read in a short time, how to research in a proper way, after this class, I tried it at home I found when I read I could read more quickly and can realize what they try to tell me. And analysis is vital as well, so what we can do is practice more and remember what the tutor or the teacher taught us and used it very often. In course marketing in global age Jon taught us how important the communication is .In these year news worth a lot, we can caught it from different way ,who can earn more.

8th week

How time flies ,the 1st term is going to finish, I love CULC very much, I love my classmates very much, I want to make it longer so that I can stay with you guys longer time, though I miss my motherland very much. I was invited to be a host in my friends’ weeding in China, I will come back this month every friend of mine please wait for me. This week marketing in a global age we were taught marketing channel distribution and delivery by Jon who is very nice and experienced . I have learnt a BCG framework and GE-McKinsey matrix in strategic class. I like the style what the teacher taught us she always let us finish the economic news test, and then rank us, and then let us do some group work, it always help us memorize what she taught me and could develop our teamwork spirit. Because when we go to work in the future we need to do a lot of group work and communications and experience of it are very important so let us practice more I think is very vital and can help us a lot! And read more economics is a good habit, especially for our MBA student, the more new we have in a short time the more advantages we will take when we work or have our own company. So do not be lazy so work hard and play hard I will earn a lot yeah!