hahah~it’s my fisrt in CULC ,every one in CULC is so niceeee,and I have entered some project group,our member are Sisi,Bo pang,Novata,kuhn,and one indian nice girl.What’s more our tutors are very nice as well,they call Joe,Andreas…

I have experienced a lot brand new course,like marketing in a global age,international marketing.I have learned a new way to think , a new way to observa.I  asked for feedback on the 1st daraft of end of module assighment for my project.The work is to finish a  Diary.this s a new style and I was not sure  that I had really knew what  I should be doing.

I was very worried about losing the mark.I don’t usually ask for help  from tutors .Iknow usually met a lot From my mate.I don’t find making for feedback.Asking for feedback and about what is expected from and I think is helpful.

What do I need to do is ,I should ask more questions and meet more mates,becasue it’s good for me to meet more new friends and it’s easier to get help from them.what’s more I should meet my tutors as many as I can,if I have some questions I should ask them as soon as possible. I should study harder and harder and don’t let the people who trust me and love me.CUlC may be not the best school in UK,but I think all of the staff in CULC,they are the best and the nicest people in my heart.I will try my best for my future!!!come on!