Nice weather come with this lovely weekend, fortunately, I have got used to study life here. Every one is nice and helpful. This unbelievable busy week, I have learned Marketing Strategies and Plans this class is very interesting, I think is good for me to start my one week study, especially on early week. After this unit, I think I have master how marketing plays role in the real life and where is it .It can play a vital role in affecting the people to buy some specific products. SOSTAC which means situational analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control is a important part in marketing plan. What is more, I have learnt a lot of things about strategy environment, and explain the meanings of strategy.

By the way, we team mates just start to prepare for our debate, the tittle is should tobacco legal or illegal, I personally think is illegal (though I smoke sometime especially got drunk) because it is bad for our health, A huge number of people die of lung cancer, give up smoking as soon as possible it will be good for me and you guys. When I had a strategy class I have learnt how global forces affect the A.D industry.

From the above, finally, I am able to draw a conclusion that, it is an unforgettable week, nice classmate, nice friends, nice teacher, it is a huge different between China and UK when I study, I really enjoy it!