3rd week

Oh yeah, just finish the third week in school, the weather start to change, I feel bit cool when I went to school, what is the weather like in ZhongShan now, I think I got a homesick. Every one have their right to choose the life style they like, hope I will not regret what I choose now. This is a busy week as well, I have learnt a lot this lovely week. Digital marketing is becoming more and more important in our life, but what dose it means and where is it ,it is difficult for me to answer before, but Jon taught us in this week he is a lovely guy. On Friday we had APS, the teacher in this class is very lovely he smiles anytime and he ask us to choose a company and to make a video for them to be the A.D , so easy for me ,because I work in TV station in China, but we not only need a skill but also a teamwork spirit ,so I discuss with my group member . Every group member had very brilliant idea and we made a decision to fin a good music and find some Wasabi picture and made a A.D.

Wasabi is a good brand because of the low price, fresh food ,very fast, I often go to Wasabi when we have class I like their sushi, very nice and fresh! I want to go to Japan one more time, the food is yum there!