I got fever this week ,so sad and felt so hard. Every one take care , otherwise, you will be the next me .This week though I feel terrible I carried on going to school .How good the attitude I got ,the most important thing in this week is ,we need to make a questionnaire for our A.P.S. Obviously, to make a good questionnaire is a easy job ,you need to consider every aspect .It can be too long, otherwise, no one want to waste so long time for answering your question. Secondly, the target is vital as well .what company we work for decides what target should we find ,this time our target is white collar student and middle-class people when they want to find some healthy Asian fast-food they will find Wasabi come up their mind. Thirdly, the answer should be easy and straight otherwise, they will not answer it quickly and with pleasure. After that we should find a good platform to broadcast our questionnaire ,we choose wechat which is very popular in some counties and we chose whatsape as well. What we can do more is we invite our classmate our friends to finish our questionnaire as well. After about 3days, we collect a lot of answers, all of us felt so appreciate of it. The questionnaire for us not only means just a course work but also our baby in our group, because everyone works very hard on it and spend our long time to make it perfect! I love my group! yeah!