Oh my god, I still felt not very good, the doctor told me I should take a good break, but I can not control myself I do not want to have a rest even 1 minute, because I really love my campus, I really love my school. How I hope I can have more work to do, because more work I got the more pleasure I would had. I master so many skills about professional and academic skill, how lucky I am can chose this wonderful school. Plagiarism does play very important role in our assignment in the future, so I should review it very often and then I can get a high mark. I want to stay in UK in the future 3 years and to learn more advanced skill and management and to feed back our motherland. I Love my country I want her will be better and better in the future, I want to set up my own company in the future and earn a lot, yeah. In the strategy course, the teacher taught us VRIO model, which means Rarity, Inimitable and Organizational Support. VRIO is used very widely in internal environmental analysis. In Jon’s class we were taught in targeting and positioning these are very useful I should remember it and use it well .Next month is Christmas month ,I just wondering should I come back to China, the food in UK is too bad ,I miss a lot of traditional food in China. Any way see what happen next month and then decide it .