Busy week busy week. I have taken a very short time to sleep every day, because the term end is coming soon, I got a lot of works to do, so crazy, however, every time when I thought when I finish it on time I could come back to China I would always feel full of energy. So I did the course work anytime and did it until late night, I feel so tired, hope it will finish as soon as possible, but I like this busy feeling ,never bring never feel empty. This Friday APS is very interesting, the tutor let us what the BBC one show is so cool ,it talked about how two teams battle in US to produce a new drink. What is more ,I was taught how to make a reasonable and wonderful plan. And mater how to learn better, how to read in a short time, how to research in a proper way, after this class, I tried it at home I found when I read I could read more quickly and can realize what they try to tell me. And analysis is vital as well, so what we can do is practice more and remember what the tutor or the teacher taught us and used it very often. In course marketing in global age Jon taught us how important the communication is .In these year news worth a lot, we can caught it from different way ,who can earn more.