This is the last week for our 1st term, I feel exciting and sad ,exciting one because I can come back to china very quickly, the sad thing is I have not finished my course work ,I struggle for it, however ,what I can do is just work harder and harder and finish it as soon as possible, I go to library to do my coursework every day, and the weather likes fridge, the temperature the coldest can reach below zero degreed, how I wish I can see the snow this year because no snow last year. I remember when I study in university in China, It snows very often in winter, we could make a snowman we could play snow but London seems too busy very one is cool just like weather, fortunately the tutor and classmates are very nice, if we can play snow together in UK, how happy it would be, finger cross, hope we can do that this year. I learnt how to develop a good strategy and and What is Corporate Governance in strategy class on Thursday, In Jon’s class ,he taught us how to have a deeper understating and how to finish a marketing plan. On Friday ,APS class the tutor taught us how to finish the APS course work .Honestly it help me a lot about it ,a lot of problem which confused me were solved by him, really appreciate! I will finish my work as soon as possible with the best performance!