The 1st term has already finish, I will miss every one .Thanks a lot who has ever help me in 1st, its my honor to make friends with you guys. I have finished all my course works its not a easy thing, however I have finished with doing my best, I will come back to China in these day, how happy I am. During this term learning I have master a lot, now I can think in different way and can co-operate with different people, and use English in proper way. That is all thanks of my reading and my practice, I study the textbook finish my homework on time and reviews them very often that helps me improve very fast. In next term I will develop my other skill ,for example, I should develop my leader skill because it can help me to be a better boss in the future. Communications is a vital skill as well, how to talk to people in a comfort way, how to let them follow my thinking way hot to persuade them in a effective way that’s is very important. On the other sides, I should practice my second foreign language , Japanese, more and more .Japan is a potential country especially in these years, so I would like to speak Japanese 15 minutes every day. Reading Japanese book as well. And hope every thing in 2015 will be much better, every one have healthy body ,richer and richer! Love you all! See you in 2015!