I love this week, though is freezing and raining all the time, Our APS group had a excellent presentation. For a good impression, I bought a lot of Wasabi Sushi With Anyi Jin and gave to the teachers to try it and gave to the students because when we had speech it was noon, so it a time for lunch. I was responsible for the S.W.O.T analysis I did my best and I use a lot of body language to help me be more confident and explain more details. I t helped a lot, when we finish a lot of people gave me a hug and praised me ,what I can say is, this is the most unforgettable moment since I came here. What is more ,I think our outstanding A.D helps us a lot as well. It is awesome! After the presentation, Our group had a lunch together and drank a lot, we have spent a lot of time to prepare it, we enjoy our work enjoy the time when we together, we are the best of the best! After Drinking a lot, we started to sing a lot of motherland song, My favorite song is my national song, I am proud of it! China becomes more and more powerful, we are richer and richer ,because we work hard, just like our group we deserve to get a good mark as we work very hard! MY favorite class is APS the teacher is nice, I will treasure it very much!