From the Leadership I have learnt a lot from what I can do to be a good leader. There is a two-normative ethics in ethics area. One called Deontological ethics, the other one called teleological ethics.

Deontological one emphasizes that no matter the acting is right or wrong, especially the reason why the people do that, the acting decides what is right or what is wrong.

Teleological one emphasizes the result, even no matter what the way it used, in other words, it justified by the end result. For example, the good act can perform a good result and bad result, does it fit ethics must be seen from the result, if good is good, otherwise, is bad ethics.

Ethical leadership in company can be defined as to keep a good relationship with the partner companies and make them pay back by themselves. (Berghofer & Schwartz, n.d.)When the leader is positive and honest is the fundamental part of the ethical leadership. He or she will not cheating you, and will say “good job” to you to say highly of you when you do something good, and will not find the excuse to do not reduce your commission and even not pay your salary on time. He or she will pay the fee to the contractors and suppliers on time. It seems very simple, however, if can keep this behavior for their whole lives, it must be a good leader and partner. Secondly, ethical leader must have a caring heart for their staff, if the staff is ill, will text them or email. IF the staff or the contractors make some mistake, the leader will show understanding for the “trouble makers”. What’s more, responsibility is extremely vital as well, a leader to be a leader is not only to ask the team to fulfill the order but also to take the responsibility when the project even the organization goes wrong, this will be the basic principle to tell the leader is an ethical leader or not.  Thirdly, the ethical leader should have a gentle characters, otherwise, you can image a boss shout at you and tell you off whenever you do just he would like to do this and every one including you will like him and think this is a good boss.  Fourthly, fascinating, a good ethical leader should support their members and guiding them when is necessary.  Above these parts, ethical leadership will inspire the team who follow them, and this atmosphere will improve them no only on the job but also their life.

There are huge amount of examples that shows ethical leaderships in the organization and the companies occupy vital roles. Niu Gensheng, the former president of MengNiu Milk company, China, he insist keep the best milk retain in mainland China, and use TMR feeding system, totally enclosed environment to get milk from cows with machines, choosing the best quality man cow to stud, Niu not only strict of the products but also build a complete and mature welfare system to the staff, they can get comfortable and huge dormitories where near the company, the staff went to hospital when they were ill, the expense could be recoverable. They will get message from Niu when Niu has New direction for the company, even when the staff’s birthday, the would get a birthday card which were from companies and got Niu’s Signature, above form these, made the MengNiu’s working climate very warm and positive, the staff there worked every hard and treat the company as home, and because of this and Niu’s rigid control of product,Mengniu Milk company was one of the best milk companies in China. On the other hand, SanLu Milk Incident, was shocked the China couples years ago, Tian Wenhua, the former president of SanLu Group, wanted to earn more money and improve the “protein” of the milk when the milk being test, told the staff to add the melamine to the milk powder which for the babies, it led 300,000 babies got excretory system problems, and made 6 babies died. Tian Wenhua was adjudged to prison for her whole life in 2009 and her vice president was adjudged to prison to 15 years at the same time, SanLu bankrupt from the top of the milk brand in China. (BBC NEWS, 2009)

From the above two true stories in China, it’s obvious that, an ethical leadership is able to effect the leaders themselves and the organization. Being a good ethical leader the first step is being a good member of the society, honest, modest, considerable, reasonable, and responsible. To get these characters, the leaders must be a model in the company, and these will help in the business not one time but whole life.


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