In 21st century, with the technology, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, which called “global village”. More and more international companies bring with huge capital to explore a brand new country market, on the other hand, more and more people from different countries in terms of different reason, uniting a diverse team. So, let’s talk about this.

What is the most important resource in 21st century? Capability? Strategy?They are all about talent. It will be a challenge that leading a diverse team, which formed of different background, different gender, age, culture, experience and region and this should be put on a high premium. (MT mangement today, 2013) With high tolerance, respecting different culture all over the world is becoming the most vital key to maintain and improve a diverse team. Taken Shanghai Automobile International Cooperation (SAIC) is an example. In 2011, SAIC produced 4000,000 cars, becoming largest output of China-based monoculture. (SAIC MOTOR, 2015). It’s obvious that, ability of leading an international in some extent can influence the development of SAIC. Especially, the British experienced designers and engineers gets wider vision and have more creative idea in car. However, being a parent company for UK company is not easy especially for oriental car company, in some extent, the parent company except money they got nothing else, made a corporation with diverse team in UK, is a huge challenge for SAIC, MG has been bought by SAIC, how can make MG revive? How to create a band new car model and not only produce what the MG old car models? Becoming a question in front of the SAIC leader management in 2007. (SAIC MG, 2015) It is the first time for Chinese Car Company owned a foreigner car company, how to had a good strategic to work well with them and create a modern car series? SAIC decided to empower Tony Williams as a chief of director of design and lead a team with Chinese and British. During designed MG6 the Chinese designers would like new model car have more oriental elements to fit the Chinese customers, however, the British team would like to heritage more MG element from over 85 years, what’s more, the language is a fact problem between them, and this caused a lot of not serious but unhappy experiences between them at first, Tony Williams have a good way to solve this problem, they would have voting system for some issues and they will use professional translator to translate, that would solve the problem which cause from different language. With this solving way, in 2009 the “new stander vehicle” MG6 came out, which had a modern engine which can save petrol but powerful output in 1.8 Liters, and it’s a clearly break, and refresh the 85 years history car company to a new start. (Bremner, 2009). Tony Williams accepted Chinese team advisement which used Chinese element in hub which from Chinese fairy, and car shaping more soft to fit Chinese beauty, and accepted British team advisement to heritage the car face and more MG traditional part.

In my opinion, William can be even better. Firstly, from building diverse design team, William should invite more professional interpreter to help, after working, Chinese and British like drinking, why don’t hold more activities to let team members know each other better? Once team members familiar with each other, the atmosphere will be much better. Secondly, send the team member to learn more about British and Chinese culture and let them know what the beauty stander for this two countries (in terms of target market are UK and China). Thirdly, making a comprehensive space for them to learn British and Chinese culture and let them get used to each other’s culture.

From the above, we can finally draw a conclusion that, being a diverse team leader is a challenge, which needs tolerance and enough respecting and full knowledge about multicultural background and know how to balance force. More communication, more inspiration from members, more respect, even avoiding racism will run diverse team to advantage in future global village competition. For the industry leader, we should absorb more team member all over the world and this will lead us to have a great world-vision to run our business in 21st century. For diverse team member, they should learn more multicultural and more willing to learn from different countries’ citizens’ advantage, it will good for the individual competitive power.


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