Management is the operation of making sure that an organization or company to run well now and in the future. (SAUDRES BUSSINESS SCHOOL, 2015). However, Management is not the same thing with Leadership. People who follow some of your ideas and value, aim not simply because of your name but just because who you are. And your value and vision the society resources and your meaning to them. (Dixon, 2015) . The difference between them is management is just sending the work target, leadership is not only give the staff target but also inspire them. Manger only produces missions and affect the job, leader not only produce and solve the problem with you but also influence your life. The most different thing between them is the way they influence and motivate the staff that work and life behind them. (Torres, 2013) Leadership will inspire followers, what I trust and think the most effective one is democratic leadership, which used very widely and quite often, the media, advertising, education industry widely uses this leadership, the staff can get sufficient opportunities to express the idea and concern, so when the leader makes a decision and comprehensive considerations, the subordinates will know the reason of why the leader will make this decision. However, the disadvantage is discussion cannot be taken over the decision and endless meeting is wasting time. I totally agreed with CMI2013, in philosophy, concrete analysis of concrete conditions is the living soul of Marxism. For example, democratic leadership, is highly praised in various industry, However, in some industry and some circumstances this leadership cannot be used, when the subordinates qualities are not very high, or the problems are sensitive or the issues itself need very professional solution, but the subordinates are not specialism in it or the subordinates are not related to this problem but related to the leader, in this situation, democratic leadership is not useful, dogmatic leadership may help at that time.

Democratic leadership and Laissez faire leadership, which allow subordinates discuss and decide by them, these two leaderships are my fancy leaderships to be led. I can have my freedom to decide what issues has priority and what I should do, If I do not know that to do I can ask my leader to seek for the help and advisement, I can do the job very positive and set my timetable by myself, I can do what I am interested of, I can grow up very fast in my business area, because I do not need to fear and give up a lot of opportunities.

Taken Warren Buffet as an example, Buffet has a strong belief that he trust his people can management themselves very well, he only appears when he needs to correct the situation and sometimes he will make the problem so that the staff can learn from it. (Anon., 2014)

From the above debates, I can finally draw a conclusion that there is not the best leadership in the world for ever, being an excellent leader, needs like being “water” which can handle any situation, soft like a water when it needed, hard like an ice when need being powerful. No matter Democratic, transformation, six emotional and specific leadership, one of them cannot be used for whole career life, they like a tool, we need to use one of them what we need and change it when the surrounding changes.


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