In a rival commerce surrounding, successful leadership is an important condition to achieve organizational goal. To do this, the head should be able to offer exhortation and ambition, and clear route to the followers (smallbiz, 2012). Fortunately, I was able to have a leadership course from Mr. John Bredican, who is charming and humorous, we could learn a lot from him not only how to be a good leader but also how to be a good man. He always inspires us how to think, hot to inspire people around us and how to use a more effective communication. For me, has been a president in high school student council, and CEO in my own business, president of the alumni association, with two years working experience as a host and journalist in television in China which offered a lot of experience to face all kinds of leaders no matter in politics and commerce, I was able to combine my experience and theories so that I can have my own leadership.

After 10 weeks course, my colleagues told me that my characters is very open minded, care about people around me, like making new friends, like teamwork, have my own communication skill and willing to trust people which can make people feel like democratic. My disadvantage is too easy to say “Yes”, difficult to say “No” which means I do not know how to reject people no matter their request is reasonable or not, I thinks this is very dangerous, because someone who familiar with me, and want to do something bad for my organization, I too easy to say “yes” just because he or she is my good friend or relatives, I will not only harm my own profits but also harm my parent and my followers. I think I need to correct this habit and find better way to reject people when ask me some request but I am not able to make a promise or this request is not rational. In my vision of leadership, when I build up my own company or organization in automobile industry, I think only democratic leadership is not enough, especially when the company just runs, it needs a powerful leader to control it, because time is money, and small company’s advantage is easy to change the direction to fit the market, if anything you put to the meeting and discuss for a long time, you cannot catch the opportunity. What is more, because when the company just starts most of the subordinates are new to me, I need a time to familiar with them and to test who is loyal who has a desire to advance, if I do not know about that and give the power to them to decide the company issues is too dangerous, on one will be more care my own company than myself. So sometimes democratic and autocratic leadership need to change or mix to control the organization.

I have read more books about leadership, what inspires me most is Mao Zedong, the first generation leader in People’s Republic of China. In 1935, when Mao just selected to be a chairman of the CPC, he led the Red Army to on the 6,000 mile Long March and arrived in Northern Yanan at the end. Under Mao’s leadership, CPC joint with Chiang Kai-shek to battle with Japanese army and China won the war. Since 1949, Mao led China to explore a new way which fit our Chinese people and fits our environment. Make China, a 5000 years old county to stand in the world again, and got well preparation to pass the power to the next leader, to make China richer and richer. (Saba, 1986) Mao’s leadership is unique, he allowed another party to monitor the government and participate the government working but he insisted that CPC should led them. The people in China had right to vote to choose which representative to represent them, and the representative will choose the leader of the country, but the CPC will put up the candidates. I think this is very good leadership, which could not only let the citizens, had right to choose but also to ensure the leader is good and not control by any organization or force. (The national people congress of the people republic of China, 1949)

Finally, I want to develop my leadership skills through my MBA

  • Reading more books to enhance my knowledge, especially in engineering and mathematics, because an automobile company leader should familiar with the engineering theories.
  • Trying to have more speeches in public, so that can make more confident and can express my idea in system.
  • Make more communication with elder people so that I can learn more from that and make a stronger society relationship.

With this 10-week course, and fulfill the plan, with our tutor ‘s teaching, I must be a powerful leader and lead my organization to lead the automobile industry in the future, and will offer more opportunities to Coventry University’s students to get a better start with my help!


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