7th week

7th week

I love this week, though is freezing and raining all the time, Our APS group had a excellent presentation. For a good impression, I bought a lot of Wasabi Sushi With Anyi Jin and gave to the teachers to try it and gave to the students because when we had speech it was noon, so it a time for lunch. I was responsible for the S.W.O.T analysis I did my best and I use a lot of body language to help me be more confident and explain more details. I t helped a lot, when we finish a lot of people gave me a hug and praised me ,what I can say is, this is the most unforgettable moment since I came here. What is more ,I think our outstanding A.D helps us a lot as well. It is awesome! After the presentation, Our group had a lunch together and drank a lot, we have spent a lot of time to prepare it, we enjoy our work enjoy the time when we together, we are the best of the best! After Drinking a lot, we started to sing a lot of motherland song, My favorite song is my national song, I am proud of it! China becomes more and more powerful, we are richer and richer ,because we work hard, just like our group we deserve to get a good mark as we work very hard! MY favorite class is APS the teacher is nice, I will treasure it very much!


6th week

It is freezing this week, fortunately, I recover well now, I should spend more time to do some exercise and go to gym with friends. Our APS team has finished the questionnaire analysis. Good job team, so love you! The below one is our result,

Questionnaire analyses

  1. At what age are you?
Under 15 3 8%
16-25 15 42%
26-35 12 33%
36-45 4 11%
Over 45 0 0%
Other 1 3%
  1. What is your occupation?





Postgraduate student

Student and waitress



Master degree student






PhD student



  1. Have you ever heard about Wasabi?
Yes 24 67%
No 10 28%
  1. What do you like most about Wasabi?
Fresh & healthy 5 14%
Value for money 3 8%
Multiple choice of food 2 6%
Convenient & time saving 14 39%
Other 0 0%
  1. What do you think Wasabi can be improved?


The sẻvice can t better

more choice of food

More options ,more choices for food

more staff wait too long in busy hour


Have more vegetarian stuff

To extend more branches in other city like Oxford

some Chinese cuisine

Home delivery



I don’t know this brand

more shops

food can be warmer


More hot food offering

Hot food

More hot food

the sauce should not be charged

  1. Would you like to try Wasabi’s products?
Yes 18 50%
No 5 14%
  1. Why would/ wouln’t you try?

have not heard

because it’s convenient and fast

Like to try different cuisines.

I can’t see it in oxford

It seems yum

I like Japanese food, and products in Wasabi is fresh and cheap.


Fast food

It’s good brand


have tried before

its name is strange

I don’t like Japanese food

Not expensive


I prefer Chinese food

Japanese food is so so

just a try

If no choice i will try

low price

Have not seen

  1. Other take-away food brands do you have for lunch?



Kfc mc donalds

Sorry,but I don’t like take away

Mcdonal’s and kimchee


no, I like cooking by myself

Japanese Canteen

Itsu, pret, cafe nero



Burger king


pizza hut

Pret , food trucks


Pizza and Chinese takeaway



Wagamama and it’s


pret manger kfc yo sushi starbuck



Subway japanesse canteen

  1. What do you like about those brands?



fresh and healthy


Quick and easy

Afordable, convinient location




Near my school

Pick away and affordable



I t su

Not costly

Cheap value for money


Food quality

pizza with lots of cheese

because it’s convenient and fast ,taste not too bad

I like hot food





Chicken wings

chicken wings

good taste

Its fast, fresh, tasty and reasonably cheap

chicken nuts

  1. What do you think those brands can be improved?



Quality and taste of food

chicken is tasteless

More new products

more healthy food plz

they are too standarlized

More different kind of food

the quality~

5th week

Oh my god, I still felt not very good, the doctor told me I should take a good break, but I can not control myself I do not want to have a rest even 1 minute, because I really love my campus, I really love my school. How I hope I can have more work to do, because more work I got the more pleasure I would had. I master so many skills about professional and academic skill, how lucky I am can chose this wonderful school. Plagiarism does play very important role in our assignment in the future, so I should review it very often and then I can get a high mark. I want to stay in UK in the future 3 years and to learn more advanced skill and management and to feed back our motherland. I Love my country I want her will be better and better in the future, I want to set up my own company in the future and earn a lot, yeah. In the strategy course, the teacher taught us VRIO model, which means Rarity, Inimitable and Organizational Support. VRIO is used very widely in internal environmental analysis. In Jon’s class we were taught in targeting and positioning these are very useful I should remember it and use it well .Next month is Christmas month ,I just wondering should I come back to China, the food in UK is too bad ,I miss a lot of traditional food in China. Any way see what happen next month and then decide it .

4TH week

I got fever this week ,so sad and felt so hard. Every one take care , otherwise, you will be the next me .This week though I feel terrible I carried on going to school .How good the attitude I got ,the most important thing in this week is ,we need to make a questionnaire for our A.P.S. Obviously, to make a good questionnaire is a easy job ,you need to consider every aspect .It can be too long, otherwise, no one want to waste so long time for answering your question. Secondly, the target is vital as well .what company we work for decides what target should we find ,this time our target is white collar student and middle-class people when they want to find some healthy Asian fast-food they will find Wasabi come up their mind. Thirdly, the answer should be easy and straight otherwise, they will not answer it quickly and with pleasure. After that we should find a good platform to broadcast our questionnaire ,we choose wechat which is very popular in some counties and we chose whatsape as well. What we can do more is we invite our classmate our friends to finish our questionnaire as well. After about 3days, we collect a lot of answers, all of us felt so appreciate of it. The questionnaire for us not only means just a course work but also our baby in our group, because everyone works very hard on it and spend our long time to make it perfect! I love my group! yeah!

3rd week

3rd week

Oh yeah, just finish the third week in school, the weather start to change, I feel bit cool when I went to school, what is the weather like in ZhongShan now, I think I got a homesick. Every one have their right to choose the life style they like, hope I will not regret what I choose now. This is a busy week as well, I have learnt a lot this lovely week. Digital marketing is becoming more and more important in our life, but what dose it means and where is it ,it is difficult for me to answer before, but Jon taught us in this week he is a lovely guy. On Friday we had APS, the teacher in this class is very lovely he smiles anytime and he ask us to choose a company and to make a video for them to be the A.D , so easy for me ,because I work in TV station in China, but we not only need a skill but also a teamwork spirit ,so I discuss with my group member . Every group member had very brilliant idea and we made a decision to fin a good music and find some Wasabi picture and made a A.D.

Wasabi is a good brand because of the low price, fresh food ,very fast, I often go to Wasabi when we have class I like their sushi, very nice and fresh! I want to go to Japan one more time, the food is yum there!

2nd week

Nice weather come with this lovely weekend, fortunately, I have got used to study life here. Every one is nice and helpful. This unbelievable busy week, I have learned Marketing Strategies and Plans this class is very interesting, I think is good for me to start my one week study, especially on early week. After this unit, I think I have master how marketing plays role in the real life and where is it .It can play a vital role in affecting the people to buy some specific products. SOSTAC which means situational analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control is a important part in marketing plan. What is more, I have learnt a lot of things about strategy environment, and explain the meanings of strategy.

By the way, we team mates just start to prepare for our debate, the tittle is should tobacco legal or illegal, I personally think is illegal (though I smoke sometime especially got drunk) because it is bad for our health, A huge number of people die of lung cancer, give up smoking as soon as possible it will be good for me and you guys. When I had a strategy class I have learnt how global forces affect the A.D industry.

From the above, finally, I am able to draw a conclusion that, it is an unforgettable week, nice classmate, nice friends, nice teacher, it is a huge different between China and UK when I study, I really enjoy it!

1st week

hahah~it’s my fisrt in CULC ,every one in CULC is so niceeee,and I have entered some project group,our member are Sisi,Bo pang,Novata,kuhn,and one indian nice girl.What’s more our tutors are very nice as well,they call Joe,Andreas…

I have experienced a lot brand new course,like marketing in a global age,international marketing.I have learned a new way to think , a new way to observa.I  asked for feedback on the 1st daraft of end of module assighment for my project.The work is to finish a  Diary.this s a new style and I was not sure  that I had really knew what  I should be doing.

I was very worried about losing the mark.I don’t usually ask for help  from tutors .Iknow usually met a lot From my mate.I don’t find making for feedback.Asking for feedback and about what is expected from and I think is helpful.

What do I need to do is ,I should ask more questions and meet more mates,becasue it’s good for me to meet more new friends and it’s easier to get help from them.what’s more I should meet my tutors as many as I can,if I have some questions I should ask them as soon as possible. I should study harder and harder and don’t let the people who trust me and love me.CUlC may be not the best school in UK,but I think all of the staff in CULC,they are the best and the nicest people in my heart.I will try my best for my future!!!come on!